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Class Descriptions

Flight and Stunt 

Athletes in Flight and Flex learn how to be in the air!  They learn body and hip control while performing basic and advanced skills on 1 and 2 legs, as well as basket tosses, cradles, and other stunt transitions in a safe and controlled environment.  Further, athletes who do fly for their cheer teams learn how to better execute their routine elements and skills required for higher levels. Students learn and perfect the art of flight by practicing on master teachers!  Skills include body control, co-ed style, all-girl style, basic stretching and body positions, cradles, baskets, and more!   

Acro Flex

Athletes will learn how to stretch for acrobatic flexibility because flexibility helps prevent injuries in sports by keeping muscles long, loose, and lean. Athletes will learn how to train their muscles for splits, heel stretches, front stretches, back stretches, and specialty stretches.  Students in our flex classes start with the basics of training flexibility and body control. Body positions included splits, heel stretches, front stretches, arabesques, and scales.  Once this is mastered, students will progress to upper level acro-flex skills with concentrations on needles, over stretches, kick scorpions, bow and arrow, pretzel, and specialty variations of each.

Cheer Technique: Jumps, Flex, Motions, and More!

Athletes will work on learning and mastering jump technique for toe touches, pikes, hurdlers, herkies, and double nines.  Athletes will also learn drills to help advance their jumps in areas such as leg speed, hyper-extension, and landings.  Finally, athletes will spend time working on basic cheer technique for routine and sideline elements which include pysical strength, motions, and flexibility!

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Summer 2019 Classes

Flight & Stunt
  • Beginner  
    • Sunday 3pm
    • Monday 5pm
    • Thursday 5pm​
  • Advanced
    • Sunday 4pm
    • Monday 6pm​
    • Thursday 7pm
Acro Flex
  • Monday 7pm
  • Thursday 6pm
Cheer Technique: Jumps, Flex, Motions, and More!
  • Tuesday 5pm
  • Wednesday 5pm
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