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Welcome to Cheer University at Midwest Cheer Elite!

At Midwest Cheer Elite, we believe in investing in YOU!  When you enroll in Cheer University, we provided you with unique training opportunities that are designed specifically for you and your goals. We help you to develop elite level skills in flight, flex, jumps, and tumbling.  No matter your dream, we WILL accomplish it together!

Summer 2019 Classes

Flight & Stunt
  • Beginner  
    • Sunday 3pm
    • Monday 5pm
    • Thursday 5pm​
  • Advanced
    • Sunday 4pm
    • Monday 6pm​
    • Thursday 7pm
Acro Flex
  • Monday 7pm
  • Thursday 6pm
Cheer Technique: Jumps, Flex, Motions, and More!
  • Tuesday 5pm
  • Wednesday 5pm
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