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Tumble Academy: Platinum

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This class is designed to teach the proper technique of back and front tucks.  Though students will not learn a standing back tuck in this class, they will be introduced to this skill, as a good understanding of the standing back tuck is necessary in order for athletes to connect back tucks to running skills.  In addition to back tucks, students in this class will work on round-off back handspring back tucks and punch fronts. 


Athletes will successfully perfect the round off back handspring back tuck, a round off tuck, and a front tuck.  


Students can expect a good amount of class time focusing on proper training and drills for a back tuck. It is crucial at this point to build strength and jumping ability to successfully master the back tuck. 


Once students can demonstrate excellent technique and form in Platinum skills, they will promote into our Masters training level.

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For students who want to go beyond the round off back handspring and standing back handspring.

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